A Q&A with Majestic engineers, Buro Happold

Majestic leeds

We recently sat down with the engineering team behind the Majestic’s commercial rebirth to discuss their views on our landmark development, looking towards the next stage in the project and how the Majestic sits as a ‘smart building’.


What’s an average day working on the Majestic?

The vast majority of design work for the Majestic is now complete, so our work currently involves checking contractor’s proposals, responding to queries that arise on site and monitoring progress of the works. We’re working closely with the construction contractors Sir Robert McAlpine throughout.


Being located in Leeds, how did feel when you were asked to work on a much-loved landmark like the Majestic?

Very privileged! Many of our staff are local and have grown up, lived and worked in Leeds for a long time. When we commenced design work for the Majestic, everyone had a tale to tell involving the building, reminiscing about the different eras of its use. Stories ranged from grandparents who went on dates to the cinema, to evenings at the bingo hall, to the University goers who knew it best as a night club. It is a pleasure to work on a project where everyone has such a personal connection to the building.


What’s your current timeline of work looking like and do you have any up-coming milestones?

The next big milestone for the building will be when the internal structure is up, the roof is on and the building can be made water tight allowing the internal fit out to commence.


Do you have any experience as a team working on heritage projects in Leeds like the Majestic?

Our team were also involved in the regeneration of the Mechanical Engineers Institute to form the new Leeds City Museum on the South side of Millennium Square. Another great example of a building being brought back to life with a fitting and appropriate new use for its setting within the City of Leeds.


How does the Majestic look in terms of being a ‘Smart building’?

Majestic will be a super-connected building with the ability to tap into the tremendous Leeds fibre infrastructure through diverse routes for resilience. Internal high-speed fibre pathways will enable occupiers to make the best of the internet speeds available, leaving the installation future proof – only the most up to date technology is being installed throughout the building.

As well as this, temperature controls on each floor will provide comfort throughout the year responding to the needs of the users, and the building will have full Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring its users can stay connected throughout their time in the building.


How will the Majestic enhance the health and wellbeing of its occupants?

Palm Court provides a central natural lightwell to the heart of the building, allowing users to feel connected to the outside, whilst 100% fresh air infiltration systems will be fitted leaving occupiers with only the best air quality. The historic and social value of the building will provide occupants with the same sense of connectivity to their place of work that we have felt undertaking its design.

As well as this, people are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and their bearing on the environment – something which can heavily impact productivity and mood. For this reason, and to do our part to protect and serve the environment, we are ensuring we’re EPC A rated, BREEAM Very Good rated and we’re incorporating high efficiency LED lighting throughout the building to lower energy bills.


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